5 Reasons to Keep Your Kit On

This may seem like a strange post, but have you ever thought why exactly we wear clothes and if so, are you like me and didn’t realise that it was for so many reasons?! This is just an interesting post about why we keep our kit on and what it means when we do.

  • Protection

Our bodies do a lot of amazing things however they can’t protect us from everything, could you imagine the number of cuts and scraps we would have if we didn’t wear clothes? You remember walking past a rose bush or bunch of nettles and being saved by your jumper or jeans then you will appreciate the value of clothing! I don’t think we realise how much clothes protect us and I do sometimes wonder how many injuries I would have if I did not have my kit on… I am a very clumsy person!

  • Personality

The most obvious one is that we wear clothes to represent our personalities and show off who we really are. It makes us stand out and really show people how we feel on the inside whether we are quiet and shy or energetic or anything else, it is an amazing way to represent ourselves. I love finding an outfit to wear and stepping out the house feeling super confident and ready for the day, it’s my favourite thing when you find the perfect outfit and you feel like you can do anything!

  • Identification

This one is about work and professional careers; it’s how we know a police officer is a police officer and a firefighter is a firefighter. This is for safety so that people can identify the people and that officials know when to step back and let the professionals handle the situation. We are also able to identify people like teachers, secretaries, and a variety of other people due to the types out outfits these people would wear, of course this is more of an educated guess, but people tend to dress within their bracket of what they feel is suitable for that specific job.

  • Modesty

This again is an obvious one, we all want to respect our own bodies privacy and don’t want to walk around with nothing on all day and every day. I think the human body is amazing and I am definitely not against nakedness but if we saw it all the time nothing would be private for ourselves. Some things have to be personal in order to feel good and strong, obviously if you want to express yourself without clothes there are lots of naturist places but other than that let’s keep our clothes on!

  • Status

If you look in the tabloids you can easily see the divide between what celebrities wear and what we can afford to wear. The biggest divide is between designer fashion and high street fashion, where people often get designer clothes to show off their success and separate themselves from wearing something similar to everyone else. Rather than spending a lot of money on expensive designer clothes, people should consider affordable fashion by Celia B (or any similar reputable designer) that provides comfort as well as design.

To conclude, there are many reasons why people keep they’re kit on including self-expression, professionalism, status, modesty, and personal protection. There are so many benefits to clothing and although there are still negatives, I hope that the majority of the time they do not outweigh the positives that they bring. What’s your opinion on this list and is there anything you don’t agree with or something else you would like to add? Let me know!







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