Animal Prints — Are They Still Relevant?  

Animal prints in fashion have always been a trend that has attracted a wide variety of women and men. Animal prints were initially seen in the hippy culture and then were taken up by the mainstream fashion crowd in the 1990s. Animal print fashion has been seen in different designs ranging from prints in the form of insects and reptiles to prints in the form of flowers and butterflies. Nowadays, animal print fashion has become widely accepted, so much so that even children are donning animal prints in their formal wear.

For a long time, animal prints have been a wonderful way to boost your wardrobe without breaking the bank, as they are so distinct and eye-catching. The prints are popular in the runways of fashion capitals such as London and Milan, and designers have cashed in on this trend by incorporating them into a wide range of clothes.

When you wear animal print, it will show your personality. Some animal prints are very bold, while some are very subtle. Since the summer of 2016, when the first animal print dress was spotted in a Kanye West and Kim Kardashian photoshoot, the animal print trend has been making waves in fashion. We have seen countless designers and fashion houses experimenting with them, including the likes of Gucci, Prada, L’Wren Scott, and Carolina Herrera.

Animal prints in fashion have indeed become the in-thing these days again. The animal print trend seems to be here to stay, and fashion designers are taking advantage of this new trend. People seem to have forgotten the animal prints of the past and allowed their imagination to take over.

Animal print is the main trend in fashion this season. The collection of animal prints for spring/summer 2012 launched at the beginning of the year, and it has been a huge success. Animal prints are back this year, and makeup artists and fashion designers are busy designing animal print makeup looks and fashion designs. You can find animal prints in fashion, in everything from handbags and shoes to clothing and accessories, and even in footwear.

When it comes to animal print fashion, one animal print is not enough. There’s more than just one animal print. Intriguing designs, bold patterns, and stand-out colors make animal prints in fashion a trend that never seems to become boring. Here are some animal prints that you can try.

  • Zebra print has been making a comeback in fashion over the past few years, with animal prints showing up in everything from scarves and accessories to shoes and even swimwear. The trend is now so popular that more than 50% of all clothes sold in the UK are now made up of zebra print! In fact, Zebra print has been called the hottest new fashion trend.


  • Leopard print has been a favorite print of designers for years. In the past, it tended to be reserved for items like clothing and luggage. Now, it’s being used on everything from jewelry to shoes. It’s even making a comeback in the fashion world. You’ll find leopard print dresses at high-end boutiques and department stores and on the catwalks of designers like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, Hervé Léger, and Hussein Chalayan.
  • If you’re a fan of animal prints but don’t see any in your wardrobe, now you can. The new animal print trend has been making waves in fashion, and it’s the first of its kind. Yes, that is right, a cow. The trend calls for animal prints in all sorts of different dresses and accessories and seemingly has a huge impact on fashion.

The beauty of cow print is that it is so versatile; it can be printed on most fabrics and materials. Cow print clothing has a quirky yet timeless design that makes it a perfect fashion accessory for everyone. The prints are often based on various animal shapes, which means that you can print cow prints on almost anything.

  • Snake printed dresses are arguably one of the most popular trends in fashion, especially among the hippest celebrities. They are usually made of a vibrant print and give the wearer a sense of being unique and fashionable. The snakes are usually printed on different fabrics like polyester, cotton, silk, and satin. Most snakes are colored in different shades of green, blue, and similar colors.








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