Zuri’s Page

Welcome to Zuri’s page, which is your opportunity to get to know me more! My blog is based on everything that I love including yoga, fashion, and herbal tea remedies so hopefully, they’ll be something for everyone to enjoy!

Zuri’s Background:

I grew up in Oxford, in England, with my mum and dad and two older sisters. My mum is Spanish so we often spoke Spanish at home and English everywhere else, which was great that we could learn to be bilingual, she even taught us some of the basque language since that was the region where she grew up in Spain. I’m really close with my family and sisters, although we do tend to have fights from time to time but that is probably because we are so similar, and we know how to press each other’s buttons. I studied geography at university and now I am a climatologist and absolutely love my job, although it is quite stressful tracking climate change and a variety of other factors that are so vital for the world.

The Life of Zuri:

On my days off I tend to plan my next trip abroad, do some yoga and relaxation techniques, and catching up with friends. I also walk my dog Pepe to the local park and let him run around for a while whilst I listen to some music or chat with friends and family, and it is so nice being in touch with nature and spending quality time with people I love. Now I spend a lot of time catching up on my blogging and chatting with all of you!

Thank you for reading!

Love Zuri